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febrero 18, 2022
Rust is the trending video game of 2021 thanks to the boost given by several Spanish YouTubers and streamers through Twitch. Jan 8, 2021
Survive on a post-apocalyptic Island in Rust - there is one goal above all else: to survive. Overcome thirst and hunger, fight the elements, craft weapons, and stay safe against hostile forces including other players, scientists, bears, wolves, or even succumb to fire, drowning, or radiation poisoning. You dare? Get Rust at GAME.
In the fight for survival and supremacy, players can build everything from small cabins in the woods to huge junk fortresses in an attempt to stay safe, as well as create a variety of weapons, bombs, and traps.
A game without rules: Rust doesn't tell its inhabitants what to do. Players are free to be aggressive with intense player-to-player combat, raiding, and looting, but there's even more to gain with a team of friendly players by your side.
To explore
Explore a vast and mysterious post-apocalyptic island and find out how to stay alive.
Intense PVE and PVP battles - befriend or fight other players, the choice is yours.
Conquer thirst and hunger, battle the elements, build gear, and stay safe in a world where everything wants you dead.

Rust is a survival game created by Facepunch Studios. The inspiration of the video game comes from multiple games of the survival genre. Its official launch occurred on February 8, 2018, although it was in early access since 2013.