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General Knowledge

febrero 10, 2022

They construct models of the situation described by the premises, using their linguistic knowledge and their generalknowledge.

Semantic memory is memory consisting of generalknowledge

Most authors assume the reader has only a generalknowledge of his or her region, and so provide a basic background and overview.From the 

A two-page handout cannot hope to impart skills, only generalknowledge.

This scale fills a void by providing a validated instrument for testing the generalknowledge about pain treatment of hospital staff.

It can be very useful to model generalknowledge in terms of dependencies and constraints of processes in the real world.

Second, the modeling framework can apply generalknowledge about how observations are sampled.

In addition to the special-purpose methodologies that are tailored to the construction of ontologies, various more generalknowledge-engineering methodologies exist.

Such implicit information relies on generalknowledge that is supposed shared by everybody.

It refers both to the knowledge about the specific systems that are the subject of problem solving and to the generalknowledge about them.

These projects introduce novel techniques for enabling a program to induce or otherwise discover generalknowledge for representing textual cases.

Where theory might connect particular facts to generalknowledge, its elimination left a notable gap.

Experts and local officials alike falsely pretended to a generalknowledge they could not achieve.

His generalknowledge of the theoretical assumptions and compositional procedures of 12tone music is not particularly profound.

On the contrary, it seems sensible to use generalknowledge to analyse, or explain, each problem-solving instance in order to optimise future performance.