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General Knowledge Quiz Round 1 – Questions

mayo 26, 2022
  1. What is the highest number used in a Sudoku puzzle?
  2. What is the term for a positive electrode?
  3. Which swimming stroke is named after an insect?
  4. Which English queen has the same name as a type of plum?
  5. How many dots are used in each letter in the Braille system?
  6. Which movie won the Oscar for best actor, director and cinematography in 2016?
  7. What is a female deer called?
  8. What unit is used to measure horses?
  9. Who is Reg Dwight better known as?
  10. Who provided Nick Wilde’s voice in the 2016 movie of “Zootopia”?
  11. How many tenpin bowling skittles need knocking down for a strike?
  12. How is 77 represented in Roman numerals?
  13. Who is the patron saint of music?
  14. What are birds of a feather said to do?
  15. “Kiss Me Kate” is a musical version of which play by Shakespeare?
  16. The single “Papa Don’t Preach” came from which Madonna album?
  17. Betz cells are found in which part of the body?
  18. What is the only bird that can hover in the air and also fly backwards?
  19. Who earned the nickname “Slowhand”?
  20. Which country does opera singer Pavarotti come from?

Round 1 – Answers

  1. Nine
  2. Anode
  3. Butterfly
  4. Victoria
  5. Six
  6. “The Revenant”
  7. Doe
  8. Hands
  9. Elton John
  10. Jason Bateman
  11. Ten
  12. LXXVII
  13. Cecilia
  14. Flock together
  15. The Taming of. the Shrew
  16. True Blue
  17. The brain
  18. Hummingbird
  19. Eric Clapton – contrary to popular belief, the name was not given to him due to playing the guitar slowly but rather due to the audiences giving him a slow hand clap while changing the guitar strings on the stage.
  20. Italy

General Knowledge Quiz Questions Round 2 – Questions

  1. Which is the third largest of the Channel Islands?
  2. Who was Liverpool’s skipper in the 2005 European Champions League triumph?
  3. In which Puccini opera does Mimi appear?
  4. How many sides has an octagon?
  5. Which type of calendar is used today in the western world?
  6. What instrument can be bass, electric or Spanish?
  7. Think about this — which club did Harry Redknapp manage first – Portsmouth or Southampton?
  8. Which female-named hurricane devastated New Orleans in September 2005?
  9. What do the numbers add up to on the opposite sides of a dice?
  10. Which city is said to have been founded by Romulus and Remus?
  11. In the zodiac, which animal is linked with Capricorn?
  12. How many years are involved in a silver anniversary?
  13. Which country originated the term “plonk” for Wine?
  14. What is the singer Adele’s surname?
  15. What was the final battle that Napoleon fought in?
  16. On which day are British elections held?
  17. What was the name of the land where Gulliver met the Little People?
  18. Which animal’s name comes first in the dictionary?
  19. How many sides has a 20-pence piece?
  20. Which children’s author wrote “Gangsta Granny”?
Round 2 – Answers
  1. Alderney – the first two major islands are Jersey and Guernsey. They make up 99% of the population and 92% of the area.
  2. Steven
  3. La Boheme
  4. Eight
  5. Gregorian
  6. Guitar
  7. Portsmouth
  8. Katrina
  9. Seven
  10. Rome
  11. Goat
  12. 25 years
  13. Australia
  14. Adkins
  15. Waterloo – which took place in Belgium on June 18, 1815, marked the final defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte.
  16. Thursday
  17. Lilliput
  18. Aardvark
  19. Seven
  20.  David Williams
 Round 3 – Questions
  1. In Spain what is the word for an afternoon nap?
  2. Who wrote “The Pit and the Pendulum”?
  3. How long is there between rounds in boxing?
  4. Which public school did Sir Winston Churchill go to?
  5. What is the thirteenth letter of the English alphabet?
  6. Which is the largest land carnivore in Britain?
  7. Who made the album “Confessions on a Dance Floor”?
  8. Which UK driver won the F1 World Champion in 2008, 2014 and 2015?
  9. Which country does Bryan Adams come from?
  10. Who was known as the lady with the lamp?
  11. What is the plural of the word sheep?
  12. Where in a horse is the coffin joint?
  13. Which substance is most used for pencil lead?
  14. To ten years either way, in which year did Charles Dickens die?
  15. What name can be a lettuce or a mass of floating frozen water?
  16. Which vegetable did Sir Walter Raleigh bring to England?
  17. In the strip cartoon, what is the name of Snoopy’s brother?
  18. Soyuz was the name of a Russian spacecraft, but what does the name mean?
  19. Which lady became George W. Bush’s Secretary of State in his second term of office?
  20. In Shakespeare’s “Othello”, who is the female lead?
Round 3 – Answers
  1. Siesta
  2. Edgar Allan Poe
  3. One minute
  4. Harrow
  5. ”M”
  6. Badger
  7. Madonna
  8. Lewis Hamilton
  9. Canada
  10. Florence Nightingale – she began her foray into the world of medical treatment during the Crimean War when she organised a corps of nurses to care for injured soldiers.
  11. Sheep
  12. Hoof
  13. Graphite
  14. in 1870
  15. Iceberg
  16. Potato
  17. Spike
  18. Union
  19. Condoleezza Rice
  20. Desdemona